The following links and published articles are meant to serve as an extra resource for my clients to learn about specific mental health care topics. Read on to find useful information as well as a few published works of my own!

Image by Mareks Steins
Image by Max van den Oetelaar

What You can Expect From Your First 3 Therapy Sessions

Your first three sessions will consist of the following: Consultation will comprise why you have come to us, what you would like to work on. There will be an overview given of my policies/procedures and completion of intake paperwork. Your next two sessions will be getting to know one another; history gathering and building rapport. We will also create a plan of how we are going to work together to get to your desired goals.

The Power of Breath

Betsy Hughes, a pilates instructor says this: "Breath can bring us back into a centered state, reducing adrenaline chemical norepinephrine and epinephrine and cal the body, which in turn can help with decision making in the moment, response to stimuli in the moment, response to stress. It can also help engergize in a state of fatigue." In essence this is saying focused breathing can bring a state of calmness. Focused breathing is just that, focusing on each breath you take, as you take it. Notice the breath going in, notice it going out, focus only on that breath. Breath in slowly, let it out slowly; find yourself in a more relaxed state.